Chris Christie – New Jersey – Gay Rights

Recently, I read an article that shook me and I became very sad. I know this post is beyond what my blog is meant to be, but after this particular piece, I’m considering adding a new element to my blog. The article I’m featuring today concerns Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, and the veto he filed against New Jersey’s decision in allowing same-sex marriage.

The article was published on Yahoo! News, written by Angela Delli Santi. It goes into the amazing feat New Jersey achieved, which was short lived due to Christie’s promise of acting on his opposition of same-sex marriage. The fact he was ready to shatter something that means so much to many is disturbing. He wants the people of New Jersey to decide whether to keep the allowance, or not, which is a debatable danger, i.e. Prop 8. His veto goes a bit further, specifically in the area of civil union laws for New Jersey. He wants to bring in an ombudsman (a government official who investigates citizen’s complaints against the government or its functionaries) because of the supposed community resistance and law suits against the civil union laws.

What really upsets me are the comments people left. Many agreed with Christie’s approach to the situation, some taking it further with demeaning opinions. I don’t understand why this country can’t realize the root of the issue. I may come off as a bigot in the following paragraphs, which makes my skin crawl, but everyone has the right to express their opinion, right?

The LGBT fight goes beyond marriage. It’s about love, equality, awareness and justice. The opposing side and the measures they’ve taken are cruel and traumatizing, forcing the community to hide behind two of the four words I listed above, all I care about, equality and justice.

I don’t care if the LGBT community is loved, considered an equal, or even tolerated, a term I dislike greatly. I don’t care at this point! Every gay person pays their taxes like everyone else, yet, in return, they don’t get to enjoy the liberties this country offers, like entering a marriage contract. If I could have it my way, I would gladly take a tax break since I’m a homosexual male, or, move the LGBT community to allotted land, similar to this land’s native tribes, putting this debacle to rest. Segregation seems like the best solution, the last thing I want, but something I can’t get out of my mind. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

I truly appreciate and consider everyone my equal and I want to learn about different cultures and backgrounds. It’s a beautiful experience to see what and how people speak, eat, pray, love, teach and have fun.

A hand full of states have passed same-sex marriage, but there’s not enough security when a married couple steps out of the state they married in. It has to be all of USA. I want everyone to read this article, read the comments and share your opinion, either here or under the article. I definitely want to read what everyone has to say. Below is the comment I left:

“It’s really disturbing to read how many people think this is an amazing thing. No matter you’re religious or moral views, why take a civil right away from someone that pays the same taxes to enjoy it? How does two men or two women getting married affect your life? In reality, you’re affecting someone’s life in such a negative way. They can’t protect their spouse and family, God forbid anything bad happens, which should pull at your heart strings, if you consider yourself a caring and good person. And please save the whole bible blabber. It should have no voice in this matter. It comes down to what is promised to a tax paying citizen. I don’t see same-sex marriage harming societal “values”. Ostracizing certain people is absolutely unacceptable. The divorce rate is at an all time high, due to heterosexual marriages. In my opinion, the rise is because people aren’t afraid to divorce nowadays, compared to 5-7 decades ago, which is great to see people more honest and courageous. I would like everyone who agrees with Gov. Christie to imagine not being able to marry the person you love, because the most natural thing about you is considered anti-societal. Something great happened in New Jersey, but now can be taken away, which is sad.”

Please, please, please read the article and leave your opinion. The link is below. Enjoy and be heard!

NJ Gov. Christie vetoes gay marriage bill as vowed
Angela Delli Santi

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