Viktor&Rolf RW Fall 2012

The latest collection from Viktor & Rolf is so glamorous and reminds me of classic Hollywood films, specifically Film Noir. There are countless amazing detective mysteries, cat and mouse chases, shattering heists, ransoms gone wrong, rebels without a cause, cautious revenge, serious money issues and alluring Femme Fatales. The films of this genre were beautifully made.

Overall, the classic movies we all love were courageous for their times, well thought out and conveyed exactly what they intended. The cinematography was experimental and revolutionary, there were too many talented acts to worship and the fashion of early 20th century, what I consider the epitome of glamour, gained a new platform. The new fits, the shapes, fabric choices, the elegance, the style, the power of a new era, in turn, enriched the birth of motion pictures.

Some way, some how, Viktor & Rolf has moved me so and filled my head with these thoughts. All they did was take what I love about the 50’s and 60’s and infused a modern and creative edge. This collection consists of breathtaking interpretations of iconic pieces, luxurious fabrics, great shapes, really cool architectural cut outs, tastefully fun sheer looks for the office, exquisite details and cool shorts I can’t get out of my head. It would be a dream if someone used what has been masterfully created down below in their next Noir film. Take a look!







To choose your favorite looks, definitely check out Viktor&Rolf’s website or

Enjoy and be inspired!

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