Poem : Peachy Independence

my peachy skin is gorgeous, finally
my intrigue goes beyond vanity
as i trace and embrace the settings and possible scenarios
my families existed, i worry for them
and hope they did their best to keep loved ones safe till the end
even if i can’t say those that are alive would ever
or confess my own lack of connection

it’s a shame, my complexion bears cruelty and disdain
outbeaten by the ideals i place on my youth and old age
no matter what, the privilege of dreaming still leaves me
how the bright hue came to be

my skin is a constant reminder
to be better, to be comfortable

though life and my emotional state covers my skin in dust
i take care of it the best i can
the extra effort is a part of my existence
what’s important to me counts on the awareness just as much
as anything else a brain with a human body needs
because i’ve been burned and shaded
and the amount to come is assured for what i’m after

i hope my outreach is met with peace and collaboration
the combo is indeed the name of my skin color
a fitting label because my skin is all i have to give
and handing over more of myself is plain foolishness
when my flesh will never be enough

i can’t say i’ll figure how to transcend the future
or ride the waves through the holes of the Universe
but the currency and patience i have left
will not be wasted anymore for the sake
of my skin’s unknown history
and humble progression