Pop & Purr Tees : Critters & Their Dolls / Great White Shark Pup

Yay, another first entry of a collection I’m excited to have on Pop & Purr’s lineup, Critters & Their Dolls. Pop & Purr presents a great white shark pup with their own rag dolls. I’ve always wanted to see different animals playing with toys and wondered what would they create if able enough. The first toy I remember playing with is an action figure and I preferred toys, dolls and trinkets that resemble us humans. After further contemplation, the teddy bear came to mind and I figured other creatures would have toys that look like us if we were in such a universe.

This design is also the first of many that will offer visual options inspired by society so my customers can be the star of the scene. I hope everyone can see themselves in one of the three skin and color combos and four style arrangements I’ve set forth with Pop & Purr’s shark pup, which I need to name. Expect that update soon!

For sure check out my site if interested in my first Critter & Their Dolls over at popnpurr.com! Thank you, take care and be safe.