Cormac’s 1st Monologue

there is not enough power
to influence the wretched behavior pushing life along at a burning rate
a departure to nowhere may be needed
a feat currently out of my reach

i am not able enough to determine how or why my presence exists on these lands bound by orbit
a domain with little space & resources for our pursuit of more needs
& gloom & blame can bring down the sun

i too have been distracted by cosmic pain & anguish
my studies & practice have wavered into the corner of the Hermit

not good

the only magic to be conjured is dark & dangerous
a valid base to evolve for the better
not to dwell & incubate more of the same

i am ready to continue with a cleanse of my own making
even if the most it can be is a sparkle in the eyes for all to see
or simply more time for somber hope & meditation

the radius of land & water i am familiar with is easy to disappear among
i need to rise from my barrel & flex the intent i have summoned
mostly gold
into the air
onto the streets
& deep within what is calling below us all
with a soft reach into the abyss above

i will, i must
i am compelled by the Lady & Hunter
Blessed Be!

*thanks for reading, i’m just developing a witchy story & figuring Cormac’s full intent, their world & interdimensional reach to the other characters i have in mind. writing out their inner monologues or prose helps.