My name is Gabriel Texidor and I’m an aspiring writer/fashion director/filmmaker with an interesting perspective of life to share. To be completely honest, I’m Gabe, a nobody with a lot to say. Just like any other writer/fashion director/filmmaker, I’m going to express myself and try to make it profitable. I’m excited to see how far I can get.

Blogs are great to read, especially with a search engine handy. I definitely want to be among the community of writers and readers and offer literature to strengthen the interest. My blog’s main focus was to inspire artist of all kinds and encourage them to work together in creating great collaborative projects. I wrote about people I thought were highly creative in their field of artistry, often in fashion, music and movies.

Going forward until I rewrite this ‘About Me’, my new focus is on reality. I’m ready to unleash my voice concerning certain topics that may cause discomfort, things that we see every day, which rule, inspire or bother me. My goal is to be blunt and present my work versus highlighting others and their achievements, though I greatly appreciate those I admire. I will post articles, essays, short fiction, short non-fiction and poetry. I will also flaunt any mass published works, films, photography and fashion I create, including those of alter egos. I don’t want to forget what started my love for blogging and will continue sharing art that amuses me, just simpler.

Let’s get started!

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