The Good Natured NKA Lovestarrs

Hopefully you’ll fall in love with the band I have for you today. I present, The Good Natured (now known as Lovestarrs). The band hails from the UK and consist of Sarah McIntosh – lead vocals, her brother Hamish McIntosh – bass, and George Hinton – drums. Their music falls under electropop with a dark edge.

They’ve been making music since 2008 but were having a hard time getting signed to a label. There EPs Warriors (2008) and Your Body is a Machine (2009) were self-released, making a bit of noise. But I do have great news! They were signed to Regal/Parlophone records last March, releasing their third EP last summer, Skeleton. Considering they have released three albums, they’ve recorded a long list of songs. I spent a few hours finding them all on YouTube, not too sure if I actually found every one.

The band’s lyrics are captivating, again, with a dark/gothic riff to their sound. They sing about dark journeys, relationships and interior thoughts. They have a good balance of material that makes me dance, to songs that I just want to relax and listen to. They definitely shake up the typical song structure, which is rare nowadays. Sarah’s voice is very sweet, thick with her British accent, but very ironic to the poetry. Their style is really fun, cool and on trend. You can catch Sarah with a neat glamorous hairdo like above to bed head punk. The boys have their signature hair styles, playful with prints and graphics.

I definitely want everyone to do their research on YouTube and find the rest of their songs. Some of my favorites are “Human Eyes Cry Godly Tears“, “Fortune Teller” and “Ivory Tower“, which is one of the tracks on Warriors.  If you’re in the UK, definitely try to catch one of their shows. They have a few bookings within the next couple of months. Check out their official website, They have their own blog, tour dates, their music videos, lyrics, etc. Also, hop on iTunes, where all three EP’s are available. I love this band! They need to be heard, which means more support. Enjoy and be inspired.
Definitely Get their EP’s!!!!

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