Poem : Broken Hope

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i don’t belong to anyone
could be i don’t know how to give myself
after the major attempts
those moments i unlocked every entry point
which all led to failure
i’m left in this place
a place not like any other

i stand here not wanting anything else before or beyond the end

i’m tired
i’m of no use
i wasted my youth

my voidance will give our world one more second of existence

not much, of course
though, i want to see the world that awaits the final blink
i don’t mind being a mere molecule
just one that can spread enough to catch a glimpse of what happens next

that’s a better future

if not, my broken hope will take hold
it’s almost strong enough to leave my body behind
the feeling is exhilarating
a vicious hunger that needs to be fed
fear it, world
don’t trust it

history will recount the shift my self caused
my spirit is a plague in a bottle
discovering astral-bending capabilities

don’t look back
there’s plenty of rope to go around
a useful tool i respect and suspend

so beware
of me

my soul wants to scare
the energy is trackable
and leaves behind a lovely scent

so run
be frightened