Coco Rocha

I feel I’m late in featuring today’s artist. She is gaining more and more recognition as the years pass by, definitely impressing her industry and becoming a positive role model for many. Today I present, Coco Rocha. I know there has always been a debate on the fashion supermodel. Some say the work they do is nonsense and don’t deserve any built fame. Others portray them as one of the main reasons young girls are suffering personal body issues. I disagree and call them artists and muses and are not the only group responsible for such problems.

Before I speak about the beautiful Coco Rocha, I want to express my stand on supermodels and the fashion industry. I’m completely obsessed with fashion, fully aware it has its shallowness and snobbish attitude, which, honestly, every thriving industry adopts. It is what you make it to be. But the fashion industry represents the one art we all do every day: Getting dressed. The clothes we wear are the easiest way to give insight of who we are. For most, we have fun putting our outfits together, showing more of ourselves. Supermodels have to portray this in every editorial and campaign they are hired for, every catwalk they stomp down, in celebration of the fun in self expression, creating fantasies that can play out in the office.

Though I have empathy for those sensitive to the industry and models, I can’t fathom why some people see such images and allow the theory of “thin” and “white” dictate their being. I certainly don’t look like the “ideal man” I see in all types of ads, but, can definitely pick up on fashion tips and figure what kind of fittings I like for myself. When I see someone that has an aura so great, one that bleeds from an image, like Rocha, I’m inspired to rev my gears up to full throttle, even though, at least physically, we’re so different.

Now, back to the point, Rocha hails from Canada and since 2004, she has been gracing the covers of countless magazines, posing in amazing editorials and campaigns and strutting her signature walk down some of the biggest runways. She is signed to leading agencies throughout the fashion capitals of the world.

Going through her work is like exploring a museum. Rocha’s resume is any aspiring model’s dream. I wish I had her resume. She has worked with designers we all know and love and delivers photos beyond words. She truly is a chameleon. Every campaign, every editorial she is in, she transforms into someone new and delivers the story, while encompassing the style and reputation of the fashion house or magazine at hand with a glamour that is appealing enough to sell anything. She knows her body and face so well and poses like no other. Below are some of my favorite photos of Rocha.













I want to buy everything she is wearing, hoping I will transform into her. Every picture, she looks completely different. I think it takes great confidence and bravery to do what she does. The constant movement and different facial expressions astound me, pushing her into the realm of silent films, really her sixth sense. With Rocha’s growing success, I wouldn’t be surprised if she started acting since she has become a household name.

Another big reason I love Coco is because of her philanthropic work and speaking out against the treatment of young models. She has stated her opinion of self-image and the intense treatment of young models through various mediums, including articles and interviews. She joined Seventeen magazine’s Body Peace Council and received the Seventeen Body Peace award. She has collaborated with the Senhoa Foundation, an organization that helps survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia. Together, they launched a jewelry line in support of the effort. She also spent time in Haiti for her short documentary, Letters for Haiti, where she spent time on the island a year after the earthquake. Below is the trailer for the documentary and an insight video of the Senhoa Foundation.

As you can see, Coco Rocha is more than just a supermodel, exactly why I respect and love her so much. She is a great role model for those who want to enter the world of modeling, as well as those who struggle to be comfortable in their own skin. I spent a lot of time on Rocha’s website,, where info of everything she’s working on can be found. She also a great archive of every photo she’s ever been in, including runways and events. I had to see it all. Every supermodel needs something like it. Enjoy and be inspired!

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