Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren : Viktor&Rolf

What would my blog be without amazing fashion, which I gladly drown in. Today, I present to you one of my favorite fashion houses, Viktor & Rolf. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren hail from Netherlands. The pair met while attending Arnhem Academy of Art and Design. Ever since they graduated, they’ve been working on what has become one of the most artistic, daring and beautiful fashion houses of today.

Since Spring is a few months away, I want to show what these two geniuses expect us to wear. Viktor & Rolf isn’t for those who like to spend their days in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Their ready-to-wear hops on, off and past the line of avant garde. There is no doubt these clothes will attract major attention at work. My favorite attribute of Viktor & Rolf’s designs is how they play with simple details of basic things we all wear. Featured in this year’s Spring, huge shoe laces are weaved beautifully through different garments. Scroll down a bit to see what I’m talking about.

10     38

There’s plenty of drama, obviously. The designs are innovative, fashion forward, constructed amazingly and so fun.

Flowerbomb, Spring 2005 / Upside Down, Spring 2006


Silver, Fall 2006 / Shalom, Spring 2009


Spring 2011 / Fall 2011


Viktor & Rolf also make menswear. The extravagance is put into prints, sharp fit, details and graphics.

Fall 2005 / Fall 2010


One of Viktor & Rolf’s greatest runway presentation is there haute couture show Russian Doll for Fall 2009, down below. This show is the perfect example of what Viktor & Rolf are all about.

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