3 – Drei

Before getting to my point of this post, first, I must admit: Tom Tykwer, the genius behind Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt), The Princess and The Warrior (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin) and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, is my favorite director of all time! He has influenced my personal work and pushed me to be a better filmmaker. I greatly appreciate his love for philosophy, fate and “what if”, elevating them all with every production. His filming aesthetic is full of detail, wonderment and edge, from camera shots to editing, clearly honed in his recent motion picture, which I present today, 3.

Set in Berlin, Drei follows a typical heterosexual couple going through a rough patch. Their relationship takes a turn for the better when they separately carry on secret affairs, yet both are seeing the same bisexual man.

3 debates the coveted union between a man and woman and what love can really be. This scandalous story bends gender and relationships, which is right up my alley, yet still relatable for the common marriage or monogamous tie. Hanna (Sophie Rois), Simon (Sebastian Schipper) and Adam (Devid Striesow) are so accessible, complex and filled, breaded and deep fried in raw emotions and actions most of us experience, with a polyamorous twist. The shock value is high, but easy, so the audience can genuinely consider the series of events and outcome. The end was appropriate and beautiful, and I left with a peaceful feeling.

Watching this film at the Miami Beach Cinematheque was a great experience. If you’re in Miami and want to watch something that won’t necessarily be shown in AMC, there’s a good chance the Cinematheque will be featuring it. Luckily, being able to watch 3 is something everyone can comfortably do on the couch, coming to DVD, which I’ve already pre-ordered on Amazon, on Febuary 7. I can’t wait!

So, today’s homework is watch every Tom Tykwer project, obviously view and get into some polygamous trouble! Enjoy and be inspired.

Tom Tykwer 
3 (Drei) 

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