King Regina : Note #1


The day has come.

I am King.

Receiving this title and the power it exerts has not been easy thus far. My father passed away last week and the ceremonies gave me no time to process the loss. The close family and allies present the past month while he was in hospice, people I’ve known since birth, they seem to have forgotten he was my remaining parent. My mother died before my teen years.

I miss them both immensely.

Everyone was focused on what’s to come, ready to move on and leave behind my father’s legacy.

He did prepare me for what has been done. The first statement he gave me was “Suck it up and get through all the words and wardrobe”. He told me to share my emotions and important thoughts with my siblings, and be open to their feelings. Also, don’t cry, “it will become a bad habit”. And, lead the territories, which is the most important responsibility; a task passed on to me because of the endeavors of my early relatives, and, I am the eldest of his children. He reminded me of the soldiers spawned from our family that raised a Holy Bloodline by freeing Our People from slavery.

I also could not get by hearing his aged words “You have to marry quickly and think about the succession. Produce a strong baby King in waiting”.

Well, I fear Motherhood because it is challenging to control in this family as it is to find it fulfilling. Royal children spend a lot of time alone or with other people so the King can rule. Though, to get that far, I have to find a husband; a wretched chore. I’m not sure I want a spouse, even if I want a child; raised on my terms. Figuring in the ‘most important responsibility’ has to be fair somehow; an idea reliant on a triumphant governance.

Will I be able to lead a prosperous and peaceful kingdom? Honestly, that question leads every conversation I have with my self about the subject. My father was a mighty King and because of that, I hope everything I’ve learned and observed all these years will come back to me when the time comes to face the people.

My people.

Oh, for Love, and for politics, I have so much to do.



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