Red Carpet : The Grammys 2016 Revisit



My favorites of this red carpet encompass the same attributes I find stunning, yet in two different styles of design. Singer Ellie Goulding and singer-actress Diamond White both look fresh off the beach, beautiful and excited for a fun night. I love the simple and breezy hair and make-up, the impressive jewels and easy and versatile dresses that complement their figures and skin tones. Ellie, in Stella McCartney, looks like a Classic Hollywood star and Diamond, in Joyce Penas Pilarsky, gives sexiness plenty of youth and elegance. They both stood out among the freedom of the Grammys dress code.


Top Looks

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Only If


Singer and songwriter Skylar Grey is a beauty and could have been a favorite in this sheer allusion doily dress. I love a cape, love the collar and I’m a fan of the ornate portrait below her torso. Plus, black and skin is a great combo. The one miss is the face across her chest. It throws everything off and does not match the rest of the work around it. I wish there was something else, if anything, since this piece is so bold and daring, perfect for my coven.

Anyway, enjoy and be inspired!

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