Red Carpet : Golden Globes 2016 Revisit

Every new year for me means another award season and great fashion on the red carpet. Clothes are expression and it’s fun to see it from the talented people of motion pictures. The 74th annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony is tonight, the show that starts it all, and I’m excited to see the nominees, presenters and those invited walk the infamous entryway. To get ready, I went through last year’s attendees and studied every look. I must present my best, top favorites and a few choices that needed some tweaking, though all are people I’ll definitely keep an eye out for.



Cate Blanchett, one of my favorite actresses and style icons, always picks pieces that are interesting, fashion forward and scream “Star”. I love this Givenchy dress, effortlessly matched with her hair, make up and accessories. The delicate tapestry of the chest and torso is a great contrast to the shimmery yet bluntly cut fringe. I can see how both are used to accentuate her body, in and out, with a skeleton-like design, a sheer touch and a classic exposed back. However, modesty and elegance rule all, highlighted by the soft and controversial color and the shawl made of fringe. She is the perfect woman for this dress, head to toe.


Kirsten Dunst, a movie titan, really surprised me this time around. This look is an instant head turner, another from Valentino. Of course, it’s sexy but romantic, dark, hypnotic, dreamy, Goddess, yet, simple and easy to wear. I’m channeling so many references that come from beyond the dress. Her confidence shines through and commands the attention and courts a fantasy. I see a talented actress ready to work and win.

Top Looks

Only If


Alan cumming, an awesome entertainer, looks great in those fitted pants (I love slick, slim and tailored slacks) and that luxurious jacket; a great color. Yet, I’m not a fan of the high tops for this particular look and red carpet. This an opportunity to wear glossy formal sharp shoes, please find the best pair!


Emilia Clarke, a talent I love, a funny and gorgeous woman, pulled out a beautiful frock-y gown and cape by Valentino my coven would wear. The bib is alluring, I love capes and the beading is [Nice & Beautiful]. My only issue is the nude allusion could have been done better, maybe a different tone or slightly sheer, to push the fantasy.


Eva Longoria, a lovely actress, a comedic player, picked an interesting dress and an elegant silhouette by George Hobeika. The neck line and placement of the rich floral is dazzling. However, the wiry belt and the extra bow are distractions. I would have gone without the belt or worn one that is metallic or jeweled.


Jane Wu, a beautiful martial artist, looks amazing in this dress by Theia Couture. The design on the skirt is a glittery dream and the neckline frames her face and collar bones gracefully. I wish the work on the bib was different for a more intricate formation comparable to the bottom. It’s a dead spot for me.

So, that’s my take on last year’s Golden Globes red carpet and I’m ready for the next, which is hours away. The nominations are promising, Jimmy Fallon is hosting and I’m expecting awesome fashion. Good luck to everyone nominated. We’ll be watching!

Enjoy and be inspired!

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