Jessica Stam


My favorite model from the “Doll Faces” of the “noughties” (years 2000-2009), the era fashion became relevant and fun to me, is, hands down, Jessica Stam (Ontario born and winner of the Los Angeles Model Look Contest in 2002). Her soft and dreamy face, along with other great supermodels of the time, like Lily Donaldson and Gemma Ward, Stam was in every campaign, every editorial, every runway show I liked, really, because they all dominated the industry, similar to the “The Big Five” (also known as “The Original Supermodels“). Stam can pull off anything she wears, her bone structure easily transforms with lighting and make-up and has a great sway on the catwalk.

One of my top five fashion moments is Fendi‘s Fall 2009 campaign, led by Karl Lagerfeld, starring Jessica Stam. This shoot was made for her beauty, I say celebrated, and proves fashion and the photography are art forms, encompassing professional talent and creativity. The photo above is my favorite from the campaign and of Stam. It’s perfection! Here are more of this great fashion model.

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Now, Stam uses her time to help important philanthropic efforts like Many Hopes, Adopt Together, and Peace Jam, which blows me away and I appreciate her more for her activism. Some consider it cheesy, but I want to see her in movies and on television! I love the model/actor transition because I enjoy seeing them in a new “light” and, simply, to keep them around, especially with so many reality TV stars acting like fools. I can definitely see her take on intense and ethereal roles, if, of course, she’s up for it.

Anyway, Jessica Stam, please, live forever!

Jessica Stam

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