In the distance, I see a world filled with such history, captivating cultures, enticing languages, amazing food one can die happy after consuming, incredible art, people, all representing the perfect opportunity to pop my own bubble, to gain knowledge that only comes from experiencing, to take my place in a different land, to see, breathe, feel, taste, hear our Earth.

I desperately need this transformation to grow within to give more than I have. My hunger for all of this is increasing by the day, something that’s getting harder to tolerate.

World, I’m coming.


I hate to say I’m not sure. It’s so difficult to fight the thought it won’t happen. But ‘when?’ is what I want to know now.


I still believe in it. Along with love, kindness, understanding, my mind and, of course, respect, hope is still my sword and shield. I know it will get me to where my heart desires. I know daydreaming about all the places I want to be will make being there so much sweeter.

It’s clear I can’t wait. But, I will. I know one day I’ll see, breathe, feel, taste and hear this amazing planet we all call home. I don’t care why we’re here. I just want to be apart of the life we’ve made and everything in between.

Enjoy and be inspired.

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