Shame on me for not sharing my favorite short film sooner, since it really deserves a place on my blog and every ‘Top List’ applicable. About two years ago I discovered Inside and was blown away, along with everyone I shared it with.

The motion picture debuted in 2002 at the Atlanta Film Festival, moving on to win the best “Short Film” award at both the San Diego Film Festival and San Francisco International Film Festival. Jeremey Sisto (Clueless, Wrong Turn) played the lead role and was directed by Trevor Sands (w: Eric ‘Giz’ Gewirtz/Trevor Sands, p: Gary Bryman/Steve Hein, c: Eric Haase, e: Webster Batista) an up and coming director with a few projects in the works.

Daniel, a psych ward patient, suffers from severe multiple personality disorder and struggles to figure out who he really is.

Inside was made extremely well with fine details and boggling transitions, has great acting performances (Reedy GibbsMichael Bailey Smith, Alexandra Brandl, Michael Cornacchia, Megahn Perry, Evan Helmuth, Tom GriffithsMatt NolanRic Sarabia, Tim Duquette) and I will never forget the ‘Hall of Fame’ twist ending.

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