Florence & the Machine


Recently, I’ve discovered this amazing lead singer, powerhouse Florence Welsh, now a new obsession on my playlist. Her band’s first album, Lungs, debuted last year to hit reviews. I stumbled upon their work killing time on YouTube, hunting down creative music videos, enthralled by the visuals for the song “Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)”. Of course, I bought the album and love every song, which lately, has been rare for me.

Welsh has an amazing strong voice set against elevated pop, groove and mythical waves. She can be haunting with her poetry, filled with riveting metaphors that seem personal, but expresses all facets of love and devotion listeners can relate to and expect. The song list is a well-balanced journey, inside and out the mind dealing with demons and love.

The special box edition of Lungs, which I highly recommend, comes with two CDs and a DVD. The second CD has covers, b-sides and remixes and the DVD has their Rivoli Ballroom show, acoustic live performances and music videos. I must share my favorite songs and music videos, so enjoy and be inspired!

Florence & the Machine

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