Teleplay : Demiurge: “The Interview”

Howdy, howdy!

I must confess…

Back in 2019, I published a teleplay titled Demiurge, the first of a series, yet life took over and I didn’t continue sharing the script I wrote and am still in love with (almost done with the next episode, have the next two mapped out some and several scenes written). So, I put the script through more editing, polished my structure choices and have updated the one place I posted the story, which I’m trying to get away from. I’m hoping publishing the teleplays will help take it from paper to screen and inspire others to present and read scripts.

In the first episode of Demiurge titled “The Interview”, a popular newsroom television show interviews a mysterious woman with claims of being the infamous fallen angel Lucifer, the Devil and how Earth came to be. She is indeed the center of the story and Universe I’ve created based on our own. So, yes, I’m giving you all sci-fi, drama, personal theories, outer space fun and a strong female lead that has so much in store for the people of Earth. Here’s a tease:

For those of you have made it this far of this post, thank you for reading my work. I do have the teleplay on Kindle Amazon but if anyone is interested in reading the entire script, send me a message over on my About page. I’d be happy to email an EPub or PDF file. Ya just gotta let me know what you think! Sharing the story is what matters to me and the feedback is so needed.


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