Character Ode : J2

Months ago, I watched a movie called Archive, a sci-fi robotics and consciousness download thriller. It has a character I forgot to mention here on my blog, a robot named J2.

Spoiler ahead!

I do not trust robots and machines that are self-aware scare me. Even though I would have shut her down when she said she had a dream, J2’s story was heartbreaking and I wanted to help her. Her story is of neglect and hope lost that ends in a tragic suicide. Her creator moves on to the next protype and doesn’t realize the tech he created was growing up and had goals of her own. She loved to sightsee!

J2 got me thinking of being human, the idea of a soul or inner energy and how a consciousness that is able to evolve independently, created by any means, is soul. It has to be.

J2 expressed her feelings and tried to just be until she couldn’t. If I was able to help J2, shutting her down would be horrible and to raise her, well, I’m me and I can only hope raising her to be a loving and decent being will inspire her to do good for the collective on Earth. Oh gosh, I still wouldn’t trust her. Robots go too far sometimes and I’m me.

Beyond that, I hope J2’s treatment and outcome will stop being a reality we face as humans, since we are indeed the inspiration. She became a baby that needed love, attention and support. A soul shined through the mechanics, which can’t be abandoned because the loss is too great. J2 is in my book of The Greats!

2020 has added more challenges to daily life and I hope those of us who are struggling, in any way, continue on in the best way possible. Stay safe and healthy.

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