Poem : A Witch’s Farewell


Poem : A Witch’s Farewell

no, it’s not enough
love isn’t enough
though, i can’t blame love’s truth for my complete despair
the annoyance of my sadness is the most maddening
my thoughts equate to one thing
i don’t belong to anyone
i can’t
i won’t
but, i’m left in this
well, a place
or, more like a fog
and mighty gusts of wind
i’m trapped
i stand as still as i can
wishing for a gentle end
a grand finale
the void will give the world more time to correct itself
not much, of course
but, i’m tired
and can no longer bear the fact i’m of no use
my powers are weak
my youth and hopes have expired
love and success didn’t return to me
so, why stay here
i never agreed to come here
and subject my self to this realm
so, i will certainly dictate my departure
no man, no law will stop me
i have nothing to lose
absolutely nothing

my passage will leave beauty
and direction

i promise

it’s the least i can do before i go

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