My Top 10 Jams of 2020 via Spotify

Another year is about to end and 2020 is certainly one that will always be remembered for the Covid-19 pandemic and the social outcry for equality and police reform, including the lives lost from both topics, which all were tainted by a Presidential election never seen before. I hope everyone is safe, healthy and as sane as one can be in and I give much love to those who have suffered loss this year. Certainly, it is difficult to stay positive and continue living with a caring and optimistic attitude but we must to get over hardships that seem beyond fixing.

Personally, music helps me stay grounded, amused and creative and the lovely app I love the most called the Spotify gives me the in to all types of sounds. At the end of the year listeners get a list of the songs they played the most. Here’s my top 10 most played songs of 2020, a list I approve because these are the tunes I truly play first when I’ve put on music these past months in quarantine.

Get into it!

♪ 10 ♫
“Break My Heart”
by Dua Lipa
(album Future Nostalgia)

Dua Lipa gave us a great album to dance to this year. Out of all her releases, this one got my heart!

♪ 9 ♫
by Megan Thee Stallion & Normani
(Birds of Prey: The Album)

I’ve been on #GirlPower vibes since the beginning of my existence and this banger kept my diamond-studded poonani awake through this dance club-less year. Plus, anything that remotely involves Marilyn Monroe deserves a mark in my book. I love Normani’s choreography in the music video! Both of these ladies are too damn pretty.

♪ 8 ♫
by Qveen Herby
(EP 7)

With all the down time of 2020, I put a lot of effort into self-care and good health. Thankfully, “Vitamins” was created and popped up on my radar in time for my endeavors. My journey needed an anthem!

♪ 7 ♫
“Stigmata Martyr”
by Bauhaus
(In the Flat Field)
*Used gorgeously in the 1988 film Night of the Demons*

This year gave us plenty of time to view movies and television shows we put off or usually wouldn’t see. From my dusty ‘watch list’, I finally streamed Night of the Demons, a 1980’s demon possession horror, and I’m obsessed with the scene above and the song used. Who knew there were Drag Demons?

♪ 6 ♫
by Banks

“Contaminated” triggers countless memories of personal relationships that are similar to the one Banks is depicting. The mood and lyrics are spot on, beautifully presented with her dainty voice.

♪ 5 ♫
by Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware’s 2020 album What’s Your Pleasure? is a soulful and groovy throwback to the disco era but this solo single captured my ear and served as a savory tease to what she eventually released.

♪ 4 ♫
by Qveen Herby
(EP 5)

Oh gosh, just listen to this one and live!

♪ 3 ♫
by Zedd & Katy Perry

Yes, I’m still stuck on this song! “365” was on my top 5 last year. I can’t get over the lyrics, the beat is still fresh and the video is simply memorable. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is on the list next year.

♪ 2 ♫
by Kim Petras

The relatability and drama of this song is so needed in my daily life. I thought it would be #1 based on how many times I play it in one sitting.

♪ 1 ♫
by Qveen Herby
(EP 8)

“Check” has given me so much life this year! When I need my pride and energy pumped up, I put this song on. It’s a mood-changer, 100%. Expect this song to be on the list for 2021.


Musician of the Year:

Qveen Herby

If you didn’t notice from my countdown, I love Qveen Herby! Diva alert, indeed. A lot of her tracks have impressed me and many of them shot up quickly into my top 10. “Check” has gotten plenty of my 2020 days going and a quick listen is a great way to incite some fun and pride. She’s constantly dropping music which comes with glamorous and lighthearted visuals everyone can get into it. I highly recommend this artist.

When I first discovered her, I thought I was looking at Morticia Addams’s early hip-hop career. There is a darkness to her style that lives on the runway like any other pop artist yet her lyrical delivery and sounds show range, an openness to grow and explore and the ability to get people on their feet to twerk and such. For sure, check out Qveen Herby’s discography, it’s a must!


♪ Latest Discovery ♫
by Snoh Aalegra


♪ What are your top 10 songs of 2020? ♫

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