Sir Romeo : Journal Entry #2

Sir Romeo

Amongst the thoughts of my only family, the locker incident and my possible fate, I cannot shake the notion of how anger helped me. What if I let Mrs. Rosa scare me into self-persecution? I’d be dead on the floor with everyone else. My insurrection saved my life. I believe from this moment on, it will keep me alive, no matter the situation. No one will defeat me, even with death.

Three days have passed and I am still sheltered in this closet. I must admit, I want to observe the destruction and death outside. Every time I have wanted to leave, even for a peep, something has kept me motionless. Soldiers are still in the school hunting for survivors. If there is no screaming, shooting or bombing, countless synced footsteps scour the streets like a clan of patrolling bees. It’s loud enough for me to hear in this closet. I have never heard rampage go on for so long.

I cleared out my corner and turned it into a comfortable hiding spot to leave the door open and so far, no one has stepped inside the classroom. I think I’m safe for now. I hope my mother is too. I feel she is not. Sector 4.G.10 is certainly gone. I wanted to visit one more time to find granny in the garden she remained to revive. Mom always says we need to forget her and move on. I really need to now.

I have also been wondering if the USA was attacked. There are holes in the borders and rumors of their Refugee Ban being lifted made it through bowdlerization months ago. My mother considered going a few times with underground groups that were eventually caught. Citizens seeking liberation is an embarrassment to any nation. It means their expiration date is soon. I’m assuming survivors of this invasion will try to sneak through the border and soldiers from both sides must be waiting. Regardless, even if there is a chance to get through, I need to go home first. Or, at least out of this closet.

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