Childhood Memories & Inspirations : Chucky & the Child’s Play Franchise


After watching the theatrical trailer for the new entry of the Child’s Play franchise, the image of Chucky sparked a mighty realization. Beyond moments with family and friends, the original Child’s Play is my first memory. I remember scenes so vividly, especially from the sequel (Child’s Play 2) and can still feel the fear the psycho-doll caused way back whenever. The visuals of a popular toy walking around with a knife plagued me day and night. There’s a certain nightmare I had of Chucky walking out of my own closet that I think of every now and then.

Child’s Play is about a possessed toy nicknamed Chucky and the havoc he inflicts on a boy and his family to acquire a new body. I’m glad the film didn’t put me off the horror genre. Chucky is one of the great movie serial killers like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees and has been revived countless times with sequels, remakes and now with a reimagination. Below are the trailers for the first and recent Child’s Play.

If anyone considers watching either of the horror flicks above, don’t forget Child’s Play 2 and Bride of Chucky. Tiffany Valentine should not be missed, a character who has been featured on my blog before. Also, 2017’s Cult of Chucky is worth a go. The movie ties up some loose ends, comically creates more but delivers great production, stellar murders and an epic conclusion that worked for me.

Oh, Chucky, you have a place in my heart forever, for better or worse, till de…

Maybe not!

Child’s Play definitely sparked an interest in horror and gore and to appreciate fear. Scary movies offer a playful version of fear that is fun and startling and I love it all. I can honestly say I handle real fear well and it may be because of watching Child’s Play and similar movies so early on. Like Santa or the tooth fairy, I eventually saw through the fiction and let that fact keep me interested in the genre, which reflects in my own writing and tastes.

I hope a quick presentation of Chucky and his coveted franchise made everyone at least smirk and possibly want to see what I’m talking about.

Enjoy, be inspired.

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