Poem : Love Spell I


i call upon the laws of nature
and the worth of my soul
for a mighty wind that will take
my desire for love
for an incomparable understanding
and endless affection
to the one that wants to embrace
the creativity
the inner-room for growth
and respect for life
i possess

i ask the stream of air
to carry the powerful perfume
emitted by blessed pink petals
to invoke their sentiments
and attract a special match

i send roses
for their sweetness
admiration and love
to conjure kindness

i send ranunculus
for their charm
to conjure
silliness and laughter

i send snapdragons
for their grace
and inner strength
to conjure
a bold and brave

i send hydrangeas
for their positive influence
on our true feelings
to conjure
constant chatter

i send calla lilies
for their adoration
and flirtation
to fill silent moments
with those very

i send camellias
to inspire communication
when we’re apart
and missing each other

i send alstroemerias
for their warmth
and affection
during cuddly times
watching scary movies

i send hyacinths
for their playfulness
and happiness
to conjure
noisy and sensual kissing

i send tulips
for their confidence
and happiness
to conjure dominance
over any dance floor

i send astilbes
for their essence
of longing and waiting
and ask for that
void to be used
for life upkeep
and cleanliness

i send azaleas
for their passion
to conjure
sweet and loving
when our bodies
are intertwined

to empower all this
i send basil
for its peace and luck
to uphold humble sanity

i seal my spell
and hopeful desires
with daisies
to keep our actions
success and losses
and pure

oh, please spirits of the past
and the angels watching over me
clear the way to the man of my dreams

i’ll be waiting patiently
fine-tuning my own heart
because i’m ready

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