Queer Madness: Episode 1


After more brainstorming sessions and edits, I’m finally happy with the first installment of Queer Madness and I’m ready to continue the series. This plotline has been haunting my mind since the Pale Man (now Oswald Gabrian, a leading character in the series) manifested in my imagination. I didn’t know what world or problem he’d be involved with and it took me a while to figure it out. At first, and because of his fantastical nature, I placed Ozzy in another story I was playing with. Yet, the more I wrote, I realized my protagonist had two personalities and both were from different realms.

During the same time, I was putting together a storyline that explored my political views on LGBTQ equality, the gay community, political parties and business practices, which was led by the Handsome Blonde (now Ethan Valentine, a leading character in the series) and conversion therapy. The pairing made sense but demanded a bigger vision and conclusion, which gave me a beating. There’s a lot more fun and frustration ahead of me.

Once under The War, Queer Madness is about the pursuit of rebuilding Embridge, once a great and prosperous town. Its future and the opportunity to dictate it is the precious prize worth fighting for, which causes a war of morals and politics among private sectors and vigilantes. The parties involved work behind normalcy yet are easily targeted by comparable opponents. They all will be provoked and forced into action while enduring major revelations. Defenses will escalate high. Extraordinary ammunition awaits. The innocent must choose to play or submit. So, let’s find out who wins!

The first episode introduces Embridge and some of the key players that have investments in the location, backed by ulterior motives, like Oswald and Ethan. The story does delve into the gay world, which includes the politics and intolerance against the community, the health issues they face and the science behind it, as well as their social and sexual behavior. There are scenes that portray intense gay sex yet it is not the focus of the series.

Queer Madness showcases and exploits the business of politics and the feudal attitude between political parties. It dives into the inner sanctum of the LGBTQ and anti-LGBTQ communities, which are two great wonderlands. Yet, at the forefront, Queer Madness plays with the intention and effort to successfully influence a town forced into a makeover that fares well with an evolving culture. This series is an attempt to experience founding a city, raising it up and setting the moral tone.

So, get into it! The Queer Madness series is going to be a riveting ride and the beginning is now available.

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Here’s a glimpse of Oswald Gabrian.


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