Poem : Where’s My Romance?

piano-571968 (1)

envy is growing within my heart
finally proving i indeed have one
selfishness would make it beat
sorrow keeps it healthy
though, i’m yearning
for the complete opposite

i want romance
i haven’t felt such a thing
in years
if at all

there’s plenty of touch and release
to go around
but romance
it’s never a part of the package

i’m afraid i’m not able to
recognize romance anymore
i’ve been confused by many
robbed by many more
to the point i don’t know
if i can give romance
and when to give it
don’t you have to
give it to get it
and i want it

so like every desperate being
i’ll sift through what i can get
keep my longing and loins close
to let the golden few get and give
and give and get the fairy tale
brewing in my scarred imagination

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