Tarot Cards : My Life Spread


The time has come to push myself in tarot card readings and I am taking baby steps by exploring the Life Spread. It does look overwhelming but, essentially, it’s what I’ve been doing multiplied by five with more specificity. There are many versions of a Life Spread that I do want to try out, yet I knew right away this set-up will be the one I use the most. I really appreciate a three card construct because it reminds me of storytelling with a three-act structure and the sentiment of past, present and future. Plus, a bonus card is always fun no matter the pull.

In this Life Spread, each section represents daunting themes that make up, for a lack of better words, life: Personal emotions, home, career, love and the future. We all worry about, work on and can definitely use some insight on these aspects of living. Each subject has a key card that is pulled first and acts as the core of their components and the entire spread has one which ties everything together, which is laid down last.

So, let’s begin! The first and center portion explores our personal emotions.


The key card to my current personal emotions is the Knight of Swords, followed by The MagicianThe Fool and King of Swords. I notice right away how this section begins and ends with prominent swords cards. My interest and pursuit of logic, communication, justice and power is clear. At the core, I am a warrior for what’s right and wrong, leading a bit out of control with my beliefs, ideas and conviction. Leadership is a goal and The Magician proves I do have the means and understanding to wield a mighty sword. Yet, The Fool does portray the need for more focus and a concrete plan before I take the plunge.

I definitely feel and understand all of this.

The next portion shines on our home life, situated in the top-left corner of the spread.


The key card I pulled for myself is very ideal for the topic because it represents a happy home: Ten of Cups. The cups are in order along the rainbow, the parents are looking up and onward, the children are happy and the land is fruitful. The elements of my white picket fence dream are spot on. The Star card is the embodiment of what I want and expect from home. It represents cleansing, clarity and vulnerability. Queen of Pentacles grounds the section with resourcefulness to maintain nourishment and abundance.

The Three of Wands, which depicts active waiting, does highlight the unsettled transition I’m going through now. My partner and I are awaiting our more permanent home to be done, though it has been tossed back in the air for another possibility.

The next sector placed in the top-right corner explores our careers and the cards for me are interesting. I needed to delve deep to fully understand, since, personally, my career is in shambles and my greatest stress.


The key card is exactly what I’m after and need from my career, which we all can relate to. The Two of Cups represents infatuation and a deep emotional connection, whether it be in a relationship, concerning a hobby or course of study. That love is crucial to pursue money and professional success. Another important attribute needed comes from the Strength card, which is about the ability to calm and control our inner beasts to progress in all facets of life.

When I saw the Seven of Swords pop up in the mix, I was thrown off and had to reflect on the topic. Seven of Swords portrays thievery and the foolishness of the burglar. The who is not specified and since the what are swords, this suggests an idea, confidence or freedom has been stolen. These nouns are what gave me insight, as well as the notion that the remaining swords can be used to catch the invader.

First, I’ve done a lot of jobs I did not enjoy while noticing others in a similar position completely enamored with the work. I did feel like a thief and a roadblock for people who were much more serious about a gig I was using to stay afloat for the moment with no plans of advancement because my sight was on another path; something I want to avoid but can only do by completing my bucket list. On the other edge of the sword, I always worry about having the confidence to pursue my goals, obtaining what I think freedom is and keeping my ideas and creativity safe. So in essence, I don’t want to be the villain of my own success.

The Judgement card does put everything in perspective. It’s a calling for personal awakening, renewal and forgiveness; a process I need to enact so I can move forward with my career goals.

The next portion on the bottom-left corner covers love. I consider love the trickiest subject to navigate with tarot cards (very evident in my pull) because it’s so intimate and everyone responds to it differently. My cards aren’t so romantic.


The key to my love life is a damsel in distress. The Eight of Swords portrays a precarious and powerless situation. Notice the woman is not tied to anything and able to get away but the ground is tricky, she can’t see or reach out and she could fall against a sword, which incites fear, helplessness and doubt. Love can certainly make one feel blind, bound and in danger; in need of rescue. The Ten of Swords is telling me to surrender to this because the Wheel of Fortune declares anything can happen. Yet, the Ten of Wands suggests that love is a burden for me but I will bring it home in my own complicated way.

Finally, the section I’ve been waiting for, the cards laid out in the bottom-right corner forecast the future.


The Sun was a great relief to see when I put it down on the table. I can definitely use the clarity, joy and celebration the card brings to the spread. The Queen of Swords gives me more hope because she develops and cares for others in the realm of ideas, logic and communication; a domain I want to be a part of. The last two cards do worry me.

The Seven of Cups emphasize the lack of focus I have for my dreams and goals, which is my greatest weakness.

The Three of Swords shocked me. This card embodies a painful and fatal lesson, possibly from betrayal. To keep it minimal, I could be the one that inflicts the hurt and sorrow by cutting myself short and not giving enough effort and support to do what I want and to those I choose to keep in my life. Certainly, I don’t want to be negatively affected by anyone or a horrific moment. Of course, such things can’t be avoided and they do happen to the best of us, which only strengthens my caution of the world and trust in people.

Three of Swords, concerning my future, leaves me hanging off a cliff and I’m not sure what to do. I know this card is going to haunt me for a few days.

I have to rely on my Life Spread’s key card for guidance and assurance.


I’m impressed the Four of Wands turned out to be my overall key card. It displays a celebration for success earned. Everything is in order, spirits are high and it’s time to rejoice and party. Yet, I can only achieve the moment by putting in the will and work.

My Final Say:

This Life Spread was enlightening because a lot was covered, I saw so much of myself in the cards, recognized many affirmations and was given guidance and useful suggestions. It’s easy to navigate with enough detail to illuminate the themes at hand. Instead of executing a spread for one of the topics, I like doing one for all and would definitely give a querent the opportunity to swap out subjects with others or more personal questions.

I’m excited to offer this to family and friends and expand with different versions and add my own twists. The spread is versatile and can be built upon with more sections, cards and surprises.

If anyone would like a Life Spread, definitely reach out.

Enjoy and be inspired!

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