Tarot Cards : Week of October 5, 2017


Another week has passed and it left us with more hard-hitting moments that have topped their category yet may never change a thing. The headlines are just numbers, insults and uncertainty about everything. There’s a full moon tonight and I’m glad my pull has synced with its trajectory for the additional insight and suggestion for our life.

The Four of Pentacles is still very relevant for us and I can feel our grip on our personal lives tighten. This is a natural and heartfelt reaction to moments of extreme violence, contempt for disaster and a boiling pot of war on the back burner.

Our next card surprised me because it’s a great relief for last week’s second visual of the sequence. The Three of Wands foremost aspect is the role it plays for the cards before and after it in the Minor Arcana. It takes on the idea of releasing an energy like emotions, passion and fire (some of the themes wands represent) and realizing a certain outcome or a new and needed goal (which I see in the wands placement and suggestion of a landmark). We do see the man’s back but there is a calming feeling. Actions like waiting, listening and receptiveness are key attributes to this card and for the success and change sought (portrayed by the approaching ships in the image).

I didn’t know what to expect for our last card but am very pleased to see the Seven of Pentacles because of how it contradicts and compliments the Four of Pentacles. It’s like a before and after pairing. The pentacles the King holds so close and arranged are now plentiful and harvested like fruit. Yet the farmer is actually taking the time to appraise versus appreciate which is comparable to the King’s mindset. His stern facial expression covers up any happiness or disappointment he may have for his garden and is more of judgement and planning. I can hear him thinking a million things like the effort put in for such a yield, the expectations had and what to do with it all.

My Final Say:

After the tragedy in Las Vegas and hearing the countless conversations about everything associated, my thoughts pull in all the problems and politics that are on the table and realize there will always be something to bring out our selfish and possessive traits in an unnatural and dangerous manner. The triggers are usually issues that can be simply solved and avoided with listening, patience, fortitude and respect, which is a virtue many ignore or manipulate.

Considering the Seven of Pentacles, the card brings in many themes I know we all dream of and strive for. We want to be a part of a prosperous movement. We all want to be in a comfortable position that allows us to make important personal decisions with ease and without interference. We want to be safe and revered.  We want a border between right and wrong. My question is: Will we accomplish this bucket list with fear and selfishness or with everyone else in mind? It’s the constant struggle of the life our species created and foresee.

To build on my opinion I did something I’ve done a few times when I began using tarot cards and pulled only one card at time. I would reveal the bottom card of the deck and consider it as “at the very least” element which today turned out to be The Sun.


This card is straightforward and represents clarity, joy and optimism due to peace and balance. At the end of our day, at the end of our lives, most of just want tranquility and stability; the feeling and knowledge that everything is as it should be. So, again, if this is the supreme goal, how do we get there? Somehow all the notches, good or bad, in our history have been in pursuit of . . . what? Happiness and control?

What’s your sun? How are you creating it? And by what actions and means? There’s plenty of proof and statistics that show what works and what doesn’t.

Enjoy and be inspired.




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