After a random Google hunt for answers to some questions I thought of, I found a few concepts that need to be government and business standards: circular economy, complete reuse, recycling and tracking of material and a prominent carbon language. As of now, there are forward-thinking organizations and consultants that are working towards these goals and companies with needed technology, yet all are in the open market, some still in the beginning stages due to the lack of funds, staff, public knowledge and support.

With all the talk of tackling global warming, pollution and waste, I’m shocked that, so it seems, none of the companies, organizations or consultants I found are on our leaders’ radar. Here in the United States of America, I have not heard one politician mention any type of technology, beyond solar panels and wind turbines, as viable solutions for environmental dangers. Many countries have set goals of lowering their carbon footprint by a certain year, but the methods are basic and don’t address every single issue, as well as not enough pressure, or, sadly, incentive, on citizens. Being Eco-compliant is still a choice that is not affordable to everyone because what is needed is considered ‘goods’ for sale.

Since I’m a fan of fashion, I’ll use the industry as a prime example and of one that creates a lot of waste and is a major player in global pollution. The basis of fashion is “On to the next”, empowering a system that goes through tons of material irresponsibly. Through research, I discovered the fact cotton is not easy to recycle and use again, especially when polyester, a dreaded fabric to some, has a better turnover and reliability. The only cotton fabric, by yard, I could find that is fully recycled are always mixed with other textiles like polyester, plastic, Eco-conscious grown cotton or alternative textiles that eventually can be completely processed and reused (bamboo, hemp, hagfish slime, etc.). New fabrics that can be used over and over, each time as pure as the first, is a great advancement, yet it leaves a lot of unusable material sitting around and creates an overage that needs to be solved, even governed.

Today, I’m glad to present Evrnu, a company that has produced technology I hoped there was. The photo above is a rundown of what Evrnu can do to all cotton garments, an important component for a circular economy. The entire fashion industry should be involved with Evrnu. I hope founders Stacy Flynn and Christopher Stanev can handle the attention and responsibility. Check out the videos below for more info and insight.

There are also other companies tackling the issue at hand.

Companies like Evrnu should have a greater influence in our world, though, I say they should have an authority. There has to be a higher power, set in government security, global, that will pursue, succeed and prevail in the circular movement. All industries need to own and reverse their negative affects, guided by appropriate sectors like fabric law that utilize needed technology, i.e. Evrnu. We need to implement circular economy, complete reuse, recycling and tracking of material and a prominent carbon language. In the long run, it will save more than money. 

Please spread the word about Evrnu and a circular society, especially to our local and federal governments. There are better, easy and obvious solutions to some of our biggest problems and they can no longer stay hidden. Of course, we all need to do our part and alleviate the tremendous pressure on our resources and planet. The ability to reuse cotton, a major material in our world, is a key step into the future. So, thank you Evrnu. Now, they need us!  


Below are more companies taking on sustainable practices in an array of fields around the world that I eventually want to cover further. So, get some research in, enjoy and be inspired!


Stage 2 Innovations
Tyton BioSciences

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