Tarot Cards : The Year 2017

2017 is finally here and I needed to pull out my deck for any possible leg up on the situation. My tarot-confidence is improving and I’m learning more but still prefer exposing only the top and bottom cards of the deck, which I did for the year. To me, a big part of giving a reading is the shuffle before the ultimate result and interpretation. I tell the person I’m reading for to think of their question or desired insight and to associate a number with it, which is the same rule I abide by. If need be, I’ll find a suitable denominator and shuffle carefully. Then I’ll break up the deck in a few piles, have one chosen, compile the others right to left and continue on.

For 2017, I chose the number 10, simply adding up the individual numbers of the sequence. I began shuffling, reciting “2017” over and over in my head, but when I finished the fifth time, I decided to stop there. The thought “I don’t want to stress my cards too much” interrupted my concentration, which is fine because, of course, 5 is a common denominator of 10. Even though I did this, I got my 10. The card on top of the deck for 2017 is 10 of Cups.


The year 2016, across the globe, has been one for the books. Terrorism, pollution and political tension and uproar are at an all time high with no ease in sight, evident in the horrific end in Turkey. The card is perfect for 2017!

The 10 of cups represents the picture perfect, happy and harmonious family enjoying each other and the abundance of wealth in many facets. It is the end of hard times.

Sadly, I can’t say the scenario is what we’ll get, but, without a doubt, it is what we all desperately need. However, as I look at the card more and more, the construct and chase for the image can certainly be the blame for the issues that keep repeating. At the very least, here in the US when things were looking up, not everyone was so happy behind the white picket fence. Well, of course, for those who were fortunate enough for such an opportunity. With each step going forward, someone or something is pushed back, sometimes into a hole.

So, consider this as the ultimate goal we can achieve for each other, this year more than ever. The bottom card, another 10, supports my interpretation: 10 of swords.


Seems grim, right? The 10 of swords means surrender to an unexpected failure, disaster or betrayal. With another observation, not all is lost. This card can be compared to the Phoenix. Note there isn’t any blood, just a red cape, the sea is stagnant and the sun is rising. There is hope for a brighter future.


Overall, 2017 can be great. We all need to evolve, forget about past failures, disasters and betrayals and treat each other like family, which starts with our very own. Personally, I can be a better son and grandson, a better brother, a better nephew and cousin and a best friend, words I’m sure have been reiterated by many, nonetheless still accurate for countless people, especially those filled with hate and a craving to control.

Yet, most importantly, with this testament and my will for change, I know it will help me be a better guy for my fellow man, since, I don’t feel connected with others and my care and compassion is fleeting in response to unruly actions and crazed villains. If we don’t improve our stance for each other, billions of lives we can’t ignore or brush off, there will only be wounds and darkness.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Be respectful and kind to all your brothers and sisters before it’s too late. Keep each other safe.

Good luck and be inspired!

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