Tarot Cards : USA 2016 Presidential Election


Upon receiving the 2016 Presidential race results, I felt compelled to pull a Tarot card for our country, the United States of America. The Hermit appeared and I instantly surrendered to the solitary journey ahead. The Hermit is no teacher. Indeed, he’s out and about for his own personal reasons, his own self-discovery, seeking his own truth, away from any influence, at any and all costs. He wants to be alone because he believes it’s for the best.

I can definitely relate to this card because I do have my own ideas of how life should and could be due to the current state of our world, with the feeling of I’m out on my own, which is really the main driving factor of this election. People feel abandoned because they believe the “system”, the government, is a big failure, desperate for something new that fits with their personal values, political affiliations and can bring monetary stability, if not success.

President Elect Rump does break the mold of what a world leader is expected to be and has paved his own path made of controversy that would not be accepted from anyone else, which he clearly doesn’t care about, truly representing the Hermit and igniting the character in others. In addition, he wants to break away from the rest of the world, with a few questionable exceptions that are Hermit-like, on pursuit of a vision that does not work for everyone, catering to a type of person that is insular and suppressive, a danger of the Hermit.


The good of this card is the great journey of self-discovery and everyone should take the time to look within and contemplate just one important question: Do the views and morals I covet keep others from respect, love, happiness and personal success? There is an element of selfishness in this card that can’t lead our way life and we must work together to keep the planet we all share safe and healthy, even if you might not agree or appreciate someone’s natural quirks, opinions or decisions. There are billions of people in existence and there’s no way to ever really be alone or in control, so, why push people away? As long as they step up to the plate in emergencies, there should be no issue in being cordial and saying “Hi!” when you do pass each other on the street. No more games. No more whining. Live and let live!

Before I wrap this up, I must admit tarot cards are a new venture for me and my comfort hasn’t strayed too far from a one-card pull yet. Yet, after learning the fine details and experimenting, as well as taking advantage of the idea that there really are no rules since this craft is based on intuition and connection, I now like to expose both the top and bottom cards of my deck. I consider the top be the leading notion and the bottom as the underlying factor.

For this this shuffle, the bottom card is the 9 of Cups.


This card represents a lucky charm or wishes fulfilled. With this, I must caution those who are pro-Rump: be careful what you wish for. For others, there is a silver lining in this loss. Yet, both sides should be happy and satisfied with what one has in their life, since we all don’t know what will really come of this.

Good luck and be inspired!

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