Short Scene : New Constitution


We need to write a new constitution.


It’s about time.

That’s outrageous.
No one would ever back you.
No one good.

The people will.

You’re asking for trouble.

I’m after revolution.

Oh, come on.
Our agenda is “revolution” enough.

It’s the same old thing.
Another “to do” list up for a race in America.
Excuse me, the United States of America.

Don’t use that rhetoric.

I don’t want to sound cliché or extreme,
I’m not running to play games.
I’m doing all this,
for the people.
And they don’t know what they want.
They can’t,
simply together.
Yes, simply.

You’re having a breakdown.

Everyone is!
That’s the issue!
And there’s no answer,
no resolve for it all,
until now!
My campaign,
my race,
my life,
is for a new constitution!

this is the end.
All sides will call ‘Witch’.
And, who do you think you are?
You’re not qualified to lead such an endeavor.

You’re fired.

Calm down.
You’re getting hysterical.

You’re fired.
I may be a mess, yes.
But I have a good gage on what’s right and wrong.
Again, it’s simple.
If you don’t agree and are against my new platform,
I don’t want to waste any more time together.

I don’t understand.
What happened in the last five minutes?

It’s all very simple.
That’s a good word too.
Excuse me.

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