Poem : A Case of Cynicism


heartbreak is inevitable
it seems to be more rife than true devotion
i’m not sure it even exists
why should it

majority of those who encounter the theory
they don’t handle it very well
overwhelmed with its regulations
and mandatory sacrifices

it’s more of a burden
than the gift its portrayed as
a leach constantly feeding
which some do enjoy yanking on

yet, so many are desperate for devotion’s spell
the coveted illusion
promises of happiness and fulfillment

no one gives a moment thought what might really happen
believing their lovely daydreams of what could be
stewing courage and strength to succeed in their pursuit

sometimes people enter holy monogamy for the sake of devotion’s reputation
convinced the other person involved acts as an interchangeable component

once this is completed
they bore of it
concluding it as a small token of history

they tried so hard to fill the missing middle piece of their puzzle
discarding themselves from another
lost because they don’t have the will to fit anywhere else

their partner followed a similiar groping notion
ignoring the same mirrors
both gaining a new perspective on devotion
ultimately poisoning the concept for everyone

love has evolved into a sort of artificial intelligence
the creator of “Project : Devotion”
playing us all

there are no limits

no safe words
no guarantees
the crazier, the better
the more attractive, more power to spend

lust wears devotion like a sock puppet
it’s all maddening

they’re turning me into a cynical loser
deep fried
covered in a fresh batter of obsession
i feel heartbroken most of the day
pining after a blurry image

my natural instincts need fine-tuning
along with my personality
my stress of both plague
my actions and thoughts
as much as i breathe
quite a recipe for low self-esteem

maybe that’s the real issue
it has to be me

the world is the world and
i am i

the world is supposedly barbarous and developing

so should i

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