Poem : Time Well Spent

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What are you feeling right now?
I can see something has come over you,
especially in your silence.
Or is it I?
Am I feeling something?
I can’t say that I am.
So, I’m saying that I’m not.
Maybe that’s the problem.
I am intrigued to hear your past,
present and future.
I feel honored in catching a
glimpse of your life.
Yet, I’m not imagining us sinking in
the depths of devotion,
or something equally mentally blissful
sparked on first interactions.

I’m still mustering infatuation.

Our first moment wasn’t enough to hold your hand.

I don’t want you to leave with a
false sense of togetherness.
There must be something wrong with me
if that’s what I’m discussing in my head
with the voices.

I do feel and catalog every emotion and thought.
I get lost comparing our personalities,
pushing any and all chemistry,
filling silent moments the best I can,
all the while being honest and aware of
natural factors that can be detrimental.

I am indeed human with the primal urge to mate,
unwilling to compromise with someone
not meant for me.
I’ve wasted enough time on scams
and the desperate,
those who steal romance for a night
and disappear,
and those who try to trap it.

I want the “one”,
the fairy tale that has disintegrated.
I won’t take anything less.
Loneliness is a lovely alternative.
I’ll just have to find things to do with my time,
like a bum!

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