“I Luh Ya Papi” – Jennifer Lopez

The official first single of JLo’s 10th album has been released with the music video above. I really like this song! JLo has always been great at providing a catchy summer anthem that will be remixed so many ways and heard everywhere. It does remind me of “We Can’t Stop” from Miley Cyrus. It’s heavily coated in pop music, yet, this has always been JLo’s style and sound, mixing in a bit of hip-hop and Hispanic flair. I love the fashion in the video, a hot nod to her infamous Versace grammy dress. The high-waisted shorts with the pronounced gold zipper worked so well with her famous derrière.

Also, Lopez has been busy with American Idol and her album but found time to release a prior single and a collaborative effort with well known Hispanic musicians.

Old news but JLo performed a tribute for Celia Cruz at the American Music Awards. It was the best performance of the night and everyone gave her the standing ovation she deserved.

Enjoy and be inspired.


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