Luis Royo

One of my greatest references of inspiration comes from a talented and creative artist I’ve been following since high school, impressed time after time when he creates something new. There are many depictions of beauty and the beast, romances, historic moments, westerns, Asian philosophies, the future, epic odysseys and plenty of women. I get lost in every image, pick up on every detail, which leaves me with the opportunity to create my own fantastic story. Of course, some of it can get quite dark and sexual, yet I can’t deny they are beautiful, tastefully and creatively done by the master, Luis Royo.

Royo hails from Olalla, Spain, studied technical and interior design, as well as painting, in Zaragoza which lead to his start in comic artistry and expositions, becoming an instant success. His work was featured in the biggest magazines of the industry and larger work shown in exhibitions. Royo’s next venture was in the world of publication. In 1992 he released his first book, Women, which is page after page of his great illustrations.

Fast forward to 2012, he has published 25 books, re-released in different languages and collector editions, and his images have been put on anything it can be placed on (t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, posters, etc.). He’s designed a collector card series, tarot card set and sculptures, as well as the cover art for video games and musician’s albums. Along with Romulo Royo, he painted the ceiling of a dome in a Russian castle, making his personal version of the Sistine Chapel.

Royo’s work is always featured at comic festivals, art galleries and museums, as well as earning prestigious awards of the industry, earning a well-deserved community of beloved followers. Luis Royo is an incredible artist everyone should know about. Take a look at some of my favorites below.

Everyone must visit Royo’s official website. It has his bio, what he’s working on, upcoming events and easy access to purchase his work. Enjoy and be inspired!

Official Website
Shop Now!!!!

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