We Need to Talk About Kevin

The film I’m featuring is amazing, yet a devastating and intense one to watch. A good friend of mine recommended it and I’m glad she did. Today, I present We Need to Talk About Kevin. This movie is an adaptation of the book by Lionel Shriver which I have not read yet. Honestly, after watching the movie I’m not sure I want to. Original novels usually have more than a motion picture can portray. Again, I caution everyone before viewing Kevin. Characters and actions involved are quite disturbing.

We Need to Talk About Kevin follows Eva and the unfortunate events caused by her son, Kevin, which brings the town they live in to it’s knees in mourning. The film exhibits Eva’s relationship with her son and the history of her family.

Raising Kevin wasn’t easy for Eva. In the name of love, Eva becomes a full time housewife and mom. From the beginning Eva had a hard time with Kevin. As a baby, she could never calm him down, having to deal with his constant crying. Growing up, Kevin doesn’t act like a normal child. He keeps to himself, seems emotionless, outspoken with demands, rejects his mother’s affection and does things to hurt her. A memorable scene in the film involves Eva’s office and the antique maps she collected from her travels which she used as wallpaper.

For those who are fascinated by psychology, this film is good to watch, really because it’s more of a case study. Watching Kevin grow up shines light on the kind of person we all fear and if we could pick up on the signs, or if they’re obvious enough to detect. I definitely put myself in Eva’s shoes and tried to figure out what would I do in her situation. It was so frustrating to watch her have to deal with him and endure everything that came along. Whenever she would talk to her husband about what she felt, he would defend their son and question her mothering skills, adding to the dilemma.

The incomparable Tilda Swinton leads the film, notorious for provocative roles, directed by Lynne Ramsay, who wrote the script as well. This film did fly under the mainstream radar but received rave reviews in the international festival circuit. The film’s journey began back in 2005 but wrapped up filming in 2010 due to funding issues, finally released towards the end of last year.  If you need more persuasion, John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller are tied to the project and the film was nominated and won several awards, acting to best film, from major film festivals and academies.

We Need to Talk About Kevin will be available for home viewing May 29. Take a look at the trailer below and consider watching it because this film shouldn’t be missed. The ending left me in shock. It was heartbreaking, yet I couldn’t look away, because it was beautifully depicted through the tremendous acting and art direction. Enjoy and be inspired.

Lionel Shriver
Tilda Swinton

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