Gareth Pugh

To make up for the long hiatus, I am featuring another great fashion designer. I must say, this designer’s empire is in my top five favorite fashion houses. When I think of innovation and collections that scream fashion forward-ness, I think of Gareth Pugh. Pugh hails from England yet is based and works in Paris. He started his career in costume design for the English National Youth Theatre at the age of 14. Later, he attended City of Sunderland College, finishing at Central Saint Martins, earning a degree in fashion design. Pugh interned for Rick Owens, a Paris based American designer, who I am planning on featuring on my blog as well.

Gareth Pugh got his big break back in 2005, showing a collection he created in four weeks with minimal resources for a !WOWOW! event. !WOWOW! is a group of artists that create and promote events for other artists to exhibit their work. These events include music, fashion, visual art, etc., and are held in the London and Berlin areas. Pugh’s collection received much praise and attention from important fashion mediums, such as Vogue magazine. The following year he had his first solo fashion show for his brand.

Pugh is another designer that pushes the limits of ready-to-wear into avant garde fashion. When I see Pugh’s designs, I definitely think of the future, both Apocalyptic and for those in deep galactic travel. If I were stuck on a star ship chasing aliens or on Earth fighting against the new tyrannic regime, I would want to be dressed head to toe in Gareth Pugh. I would even let you know what I’m wearing before I strike. Below are my top choices from his Fall 2012 collection.







Pugh creates great shapes, masterfully crafted garments, out of the box interpretations of classic details and designs for the woman that decided to vacation in our era, but definitely won’t wear what’s on “trend”. If you’re caught in a Pugh number, you definitely will be giving your on-lookers an epic experience. Below are my favorites of Pugh’s past collections.

Fall 2006



Spring 2007



Fall 2007



Spring 2008



Fall 2008



Spring 2009



Spring 2009 / Fall 2009


Spring 2010


Fall 2010



Spring 2011



Fall 2011


Spring 2012



As great as Pugh’s designs are, he has had a hard time actually selling any of them. Even though some of his creations have been worn by the likes of Kylie Minogue, Lady GaGa, and Beyoncé, Pugh has been living the life of a struggling artist. Luckily, Rick Owens and Michele Lamy have partnered with the talented designer and in 2010 Pugh opened his first boutique in Hong Kong.

His designs are incredible works of art that we can actually live our lives in. I know everyone doesn’t want to throw on a shirt and jeans every day. Their is finally an option for those who like to have fun with their fashion and beyond this planet. Below, see how amazing Pugh’s creations look on the boy band Kazaky. Pay close attentions to the lyrics.

Make sure to stop by on to see the rest of Pugh’s fashion shows. I know you’ll be amazed. Enjoy and be inspired!

Gareth Pugh

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