Cassette Kids

I am happy to share a band that I am MADLY IN LOVE with.  Today I present, Cassette Kids. I love, LOVE, love, LOVE this band. I discovered them back in 2009 on Yahoo! Music. They hail from Sydney (If you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for Aussies and Kiwis). I would put them under the genres of electro, funk, pop and rock, which is a personal mash-up favorite. The band consists of Katrina Noorbergen – lead vocals, Daniel Schober – Guitar, Daniel Deitz – Bass, and Jacob Read-Harber – Drums.

Simply, their music is so much fun! The second I hear one of their songs, I must dance and sing along, ready for the next track. Their lyrics range from love to finding a spot on the dance floor. Katrina has the ability to mutate her voice with such ease. There are times when it’s airy and pixie-like, compared to when she heightens the female rocker angst and gets rough and rowdy. The Dans and Jacob are masters at playing their instruments and definitely show off their talent and personalities.

The past few years have been an exciting time for the band. Back in 2008, they released their debut EP, We Are, as well as won the Unearthed Sydney 2008 Big Day Out competition. They’ve toured with such acts as The Presets and Lily Allen and have performed in the states for music and radio events. Kids also launched their own tour for their sophomore album, Nothing on TV, released in 2010, now one of my top five albums of all time. Below are the videos “You Take It”, off of We Are, and “Spin”, off of Nothing on TV.

Back in 2010, Cassette Kids moved to New York City and claimed their spot in the underground music scene. I was lucky enough to catch their first show at the Mercury Lounge in Brooklyn. It was a great set, though I was afraid I would scare them with my excessive dancing and lip singing. Fortunately, I met the band and was greatly pleased to experience how cool and personable they were. I was a bit distraught that night because I had forgotten my camera. Yet, they were kind enough to autograph my copy of Nothing on TV.

Take a look at one of their performances that night to one of my favorite songs off of Nothing on TV, “Insomnia”.

Since then, they performed everywhere in NYC, including the 2011 CMJ music festival. Recently, they have returned to Australia to work on their third album. I saw them again in NYC before they left, where they performed a few new songs that may make it to the new record. So, I want everyone to support this band! Cassette Kids are truly amazing.

Before you go, check out my demo reel. I used “Fatal Attraction” off of Nothing on TV as the soundtrack. It is so hypnotic and sexy, a perfect pair for what I tend to write. Enjoy and be inspired!
We Are
Nothing on TV

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