Last summer, I came across a beautiful singer with a great vibe and amazing voice. I fell madly in love with her gorgeous face, voice, style and genre of music. Today I present, Kimbra. Kimbra is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. Her music falls under jazz with a touch of pop, folk and funk. Her style is very corky, girly and fun. My first impression of her was miles off since I was expecting a dainty pop singer with easy vocals. I was so wrong!

Kimbra began her musical career at the age of ten, singing live at popular sporting events. She made her first music video for her song “Smile” on the New Zealand children’s show, What Now. Fast forward to 2007, she won a Juice TV award for her second single, “Simply on My Lips”. This win got her attention from record executives which lead to her move to Australia to work on her debut album.

Vows, the name of her first album, was released in August of last year. It ranked top five in its first two weeks on the Aussie and Kiwi charts. The three singles that lead the album, made into music videos, were “Settle Down“, “Good Intent“, and my favorite video, “Cameo Lover”.  She looks so beautiful, from hair down to her cute shoes. It has a minimalist approach, which helps the vibrant colors really pop out at the viewer, allowing the song to be playful and endearing.

If you need more pressure to support this great artist, which I am more than happy to offer, then definitely check out the live sessions Kimbra did at Sing Sing Studios. Who doesn’t appreciate musicians that sound better live, such as our very own Kimbra? All five videos showcase how passionate she is, the great chemistry she has with her band and how powerful her voice is (“Settle Down“, “Good Intent“, and “Cameo Lover“, “Two Way Street“). My favorite performance of the five is “Plain Gold Ring”, a Nina Simone cover.

Kimbra singing this song was just too fantastic for my ears. She has great control of her voice and can really blast it out. Some of the things I pay attention to when seeing musicians perform live is their mannerisms, hand gestures and body language. I love when a singer gets lost in their performance that they can’t control their bodies, such as silly quirky hand movements to full blown crazy dancing all over the stage. Watch the live session of “Plain Gold Ring” to see why I bring this up.

The first time I saw this performance, I was left speechless. If you don’t explore her music, I have to say you’re mad. I think she is one of today’s great recording artists and I can’t wait to listen to what she has in store for us. Her album is out so order it and start memorizing. Enjoy and be inspired!
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