Lana Del Rey

I’m in love with a certain someone: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant aka Lana Del Rey. Born in New York City, she calls her self the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”, backing it up with her talent in singing and songwriting. Her voice is deep, sultry, and a bit anxious, delivered sweetly with comforting authenticity and sudden airy accents. Of course, she’s absolutely beautiful, styled in vintage Americana and Resort, a look that is trending in fashion and pop culture.

In 2010 she released her first album, Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant, with an independent label after creating a couple of EPs (“Kill Kill“, “Gramma“, “Pawn Shop Blues“, “Yayo“). It was available on iTunes but taken off due to political reasons, now considered a rarity since no physical copies were released. After some research on YouTube, I found a lot of work that was sadly shelved, most I enjoy more over tracks on official work (“A Star for Nick“, “You Can Be the Boss“, “Elvis“).

Born to Die, Rey’s sophomore album, is set to be released, digitally, as well as physically, January 31 of the new year. Based on lead singles “Video Games” and “Born to Die”, I’ve already pre-ordered my own copy, so I’ll definitely be posting my thoughts on it. Honestly, from what I heard, so far so good. “Born to Die” is absolutely beautiful and paired with a great music video, both expressing a love that goes beyond marriage, destined for forever in one way or another.


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