Tarot Cards : The Year 2018


The year 2017 was the most raucous in my lifetime. Troubling politics, questionable morality and violence worsened every day. So many tremendous moments were quickly forgotten because more agonizing happenings stunned the world, which were surpassed by other record-breaking monstrosities. Reviewing the year, I don’t remember anything great going on, let alone headlines that could balance the bad. More than ever, society needs to change for the safe and just environment that will produce respect and freedom for everyone.

Of course, I wanted to pull cards for the new year but waited a bit to see what the first week of 2018 would bring. Please, let’s not allow 2018 to be the year of nuclear war. The tarot cards that appeared are actually hopeful and emphasize a great change.

Death begins the pull, which is a great sign coming off a crazy 12 months. The image represents transformation and a new beginning while dealing with or mourning hard-hitting honesty and actions, which is the highlight of 2017. There’s no running away from what happened last year and many battles have reached their peak. Something needs to be done before real wars breakout.

With all that said, the next card, Four of Swords, demands a moment of pause and reflection. This card instantly got me thinking of Roy Moore and the Alabama senate race against Doug Jones. The election was pivotal because it drew out the importance of honoring morals over political wins. Doug Jones winning was great but the slight margin that made him a senator proved the line between right and wrong is either ignorantly debatable or just irrelevant. Those that wrote a candidate in cement my opinion. The world needs to get on the same page of what’s fine and what’s intolerable. 2017 gave us more than enough clarity to mark the line easily. If not, please stay seated and keep listening to those who know from experience, understanding and compassion, which flows onto the next card.

The Six of Cups portrays a sweet and dreamy scene. Everything seems so right. I see kindness from happy and well-mannered children, a prosperous town and gifts of mother nature and adorned emotion. It brings me back to my childhood when kindness, happiness and prosperity had no strings, which is perfect. This card is about happy memories we’ve had or want to make and how they dictate our movement into the future. We need simple heartfelt moments to stay sane in this crazy world, yet, wanting them for everyone makes them more precious and important.

My Final Say: 

The three cards I pulled for 2018 point out a transformation is needed through deep reflection so we all can enjoy the simplest aspects of life. The greatest source of inspiration for this journey is the card that was at the bottom of the deck: Queen of Pentacles.


The card brings in a feminine energy ready to attend to the troubling matters at hand with all the resources available. For the sake of the #MeToo movement and equality, I also see the need to treat others as you would your own mother and daughter. To reap the benefits of what this Queen can do, we have to treat her like the royal she is and accept her guidance, which anyone with good intentions deserves. We have to link success and wealth of all kinds with treating others with fragility, benevolence and dignity. I believe more opportunities and advancements will arise, the very goals of the cards I pulled.

Hopefully, this will reach and inspire everyone to do the oldest act in the book: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and yours. Enough with the notions of others doing what you think they should do or what you want them to do in order to protect yours. All the violence, hate and entitlements are the results from these mentalities, which created countless victims we now need to protect and empower. Let’s mark 2018 as the point of no return because . . . a righteous Queen can call for war.