The Start of Another Civil War

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Is this what life is about: Enduring religious politics and white supremacy? Hate versus love? More for me and none for you? And the classic mentality, kill or be killed?

The results and response from this past weekend of people hurting people they don’t know (Charlottesville, VA) leaves me wondering what can be done to end the aggression. I wish everyone could just be the one great team that is needed and so possible. However, fearful confusion and the will to control others are our specie’s overriding contradictions.

Ambitious statements and hitting the streets continue to be as dangerous as carrying on under the radar; creating a war zone, soldiers and the pitiful caught in the middle. Of course, the rallies are commendable and have pressured the ideas of democracy, civil liberties and humanity but the defiance is two-fold and just as consistent. With the current political climate all defense is getting stronger, highlighting the direction of the present US administration and adding scary possibilities to the upcoming election year, which no doubt will inspire more face-offs.

In my opinion every protest, no matter from what side, there’s always violence in the air. I feel everyone is ready and hoping for a fight, even when peace is boasted. The sight is very similar to opposing armed forces running towards each other on the battleground. The anger is unsettling and I see how it can be provocative, infectious and avoidable.

Yet, we can’t escape this epic conflict that has, in reality, laid out a rich history and spawned interesting advancements, entertainment, debate and moments of good and bad; a history we all try to own in many facets. Moving forward doesn’t seem viable since the past can’t be forgotten and is actually repeated and slapped on a poster board. We’ve reached the limits of our free country because there will always be a loser for the big decisions that lie on our ballots. Sure, all sides can keep up the good fight with the sentiment of doing and being what one wants. Still, actions do speak louder than votes and the new tide can be hard to sail.

To add more fuel to the fervor, the problems and affiliations around the world do not make time at home any easier. And, oh yes, money plays the mightiest role and reason I don’t see unification amongst the races; a term I hate. It says it all. I picture all of us around a great garden maze and our hands are bound together. Instead of working together for the labyrinth’s prize, we’re all trying to get loose and delay others. There’s ammunition along the passages, dark corners for sneaky and lethal deeds and some people have no problem blasting through hedges.

The real and only protection are actual walls we can build with compatible societies and exterminate the bold opposition and their views. There’s nothing keeping us from doing so. Yes, there are laws and leadership, cameras and artists everywhere and the moral value of being the bigger person. Justly, these are meager theories and technology slowly crumbling and used to create gun powder. Every man, woman and child must choose what perspective they’re willing to die for and prepare for a clash. There’s no room for mistakes and deceit because, sadly, we’re as safe as in how much we care for others. We must become aware of all enemies, especially those from within our natural and personal associations, since minorities do place bullseyes on other subgroups for their own faction’s ego and protection.

So, who do you cherish? Are you ready to lay everything on the frontline for what’s right in your ideal world? Am I your equal or should I fall to your feet? Can you be trusted, especially by your loyalties?

I suppose time will tell but, really, we’ll never know.

Nonetheless, take care and be safe!

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