Childhood Memories & Inspirations : Interview with the Vampire

One of life’s most significant challenges is definitely the struggle to push past sadness and ego and the piece that instilled this lesson into my young psyche was Neil Jordan‘s film depiction of Anne Rice‘s novel Interview with the Vampire. Yes, I digested plenty of G-rated stories with the same themes. Yet, Claudia’s frustration over eternal childhood, Louis’s mortal depression over a lost family and Lestat’s violence from fear of loneliness were pretty pictures I knew could be a reality for anyone (sans the supernatural elements and movie glamour, though horrors ensue).

Like most vampire stories, Interview with the Vampire has plenty of melodrama, twisted moments and blood, more so in Dracula fashion. If you’re into any of the related genres, it’s definitely worth a read and watch. The film fed my greedy eyes for movie magic and it tapped into my want to travel through the ages, especially during times we don’t know much about, even if it means becoming a vampire. Can you imagine being one during ancient Egypt or ancient Americas and continuing on for the ultimate glimpse of how we got to 2022?