Tarot Cards : Week of October 22, 2017


The tarot cards I pulled this week made me uncomfortable from the sensitive issues it provokes for me that is so relevant of the last year. Speaking on them is tough but many people say the conversations are important for the change that is needed. If the cards are bringing up these tales, stern honesty and in-depth soul searching is in order. So . . .

Another influential and wealthy man’s head is on the chopping block for sexual harassment and the victim list keeps growing. Many types of war are brewing between and within nations. Terrorists are expressing themselves with weapons and death tolls. From personal perversions to global catastrophes, those with power and money seem to be doing more bad than good; especially men. Looking back in our known timeline these narratives have been on repeat and actually worse due to the worth of historic entitlement, patriarchy and blood ties that have eased over the generations with democracy. Yet, the privileges and actions some can afford are still able to continue with secrecy, cash and opportunities.

Forced into moments of pain, breach of morals and the duty of upholding justice should not be a burden for anyone. Men are usually the perpetrators and, now more than ever, the definition and expectations of a man are under great scrutiny. The predicament exposes the intricacies of man and woman, their responsibilities in the state of life and the lack there of. As a result the barrier between the genders is at an all-time high and the relationship has plummeted into anger, fear, contradiction and hypocrisy.

Before I go any further I want to bring in the tarot cards because they’re portrayal of the situation is strong, frightening and hopeful. The pull starts off with The High Priestess who represents an emotional initiation (seen in her flowing water-like robe with the moon) and the knowledge of the experience that can’t be fully understood without insight. The outcome is indefinite, something the Priestess is not offering because the journey is personal with each of us and the future is never secure.

The admission of sorts is a tough one of to endure, proven with the following cards. The second is one I’ve seen a lot and a top image we all can relate to: Nine of Swords. This card portrays the overwhelming power of obsession over doubts, worry, regret and guilt. These feelings come up for good and bad moments but collections of swords usually are needed for and produce negativity.

The last card is a scary one at first sight but goes beyond the word it takes on: Death. Death in tarot embodies transformation and a new beginning (seen in the sunrise in the background). Grief, mourning and realizations accompany the process, the real grunt work of such a situation. The scenario is one everyone will eventually experience if not many times over.

My Final Say:

The passage my cards presented for our life this week involves tremendous stress, a lot of hard work and sacrifice to be prepared for an inescapable revolution; a notion cemented with the card at the bottom of my deck: Three of Pentacles.


This card depicts an artisan at work with his trusty team completing a project in development. It showcases positive goals, leadership, teamwork, progress and change; themes that are easily confused, manipulated and even lost but mandatory for what is created and caused by us all. With the High Priestess in mind, our work in progress is institutionalizing what we would do in dire situations to protect and support those that actually experience them. A big step towards this is settling the power play and dangers between men and women. Both sides need to work together and lead by example for the bigger picture that is our specie’s future. I believe when equality and safety between the sexes is guaranteed, opportunities and a code of decency that works for everyone will arise.

Right now we’re in the middle of an overwhelming journey and this is the time to chisel in the needed modifications for an endpoint the majority of people want. Concerning sexual harassment, abuse and violence, most of the conversations rest the necessary change on men or the entitlement. Though very true, I say women and the nature of a victim needs development as well. My opinion is in no way blaming or shaming the people pushed into these horrible situations, especially because blame and shame are the most devastating components thrust upon the victim. These two reactions need to be transformed into the pursuit of justice we want for ourselves and loved ones.

For example in the case of Harvey Weinstein, I appreciate all the women coming forward and telling their stories. However it’s a bit too late, capped with women that have been paid off and silenced. Many of the women turned the situation into their favor, gone on to gain success without saying a word and allowed a shark to hunt their colleagues. Coming out years later is a confession of complicity and empowers a mighty question: suffer or profit? It reminds me of the 1993 child molestation allegations against the late Michael Jackson and the settlement paid to drop the charges, an action that jeopardizes the truth and humanity. Is a paycheck worth the healing and righteousness of justice?

In all this, with all the horror stories of what happened, I haven’t heard from many of these women speak on victims immediately telling the appropriate people of such acts done to them no matter what is on the line personally or offered for silence. Again, forced into moments of pain, breach of morals and the duty of upholding justice should not be a burden for anyone. Nonetheless our reality was built on this and to change it we need to sacrifice our goals, dreams, time and our lives so no one has to.

No matter the age, sex or status of the victim, no matter the loss or danger, by whatever means to instill this in our society, the fight for justice needs to be constant and overwhelming the very second one is able to escape their attacker. Nothing else matters till the culprit feels the blame and shame, ultimately stopping all abusers in their tracks because no one will let them get away with their crimes. This will reshape every human relation, every necessary compromise and leave no room for anyone to avoid what they deserve.