Tarot Cards : Week of August 21, 2017


This week’s pull has a calming beginning but contains two Swords cards, which they always worry me. Swords are for conflict, battle, force and tradition. The air they cut through represent problems, logic, communication and authority.

The Four of Swords is telling us to stop and take a break from all struggles and challenges in pursuit of a solution or change of heart. The eclipse is a perfect distraction for everyone to clear our heads and focus on something above us. Moving forward in the pull highlights an important aspect to this card: the gold sword the man is resting on versus the swords on the wall. The gold sword represents a core issue that is harder to shake and can lead us right back into personal and intense mess, both new and old.

The Chariot, the seventh Major Arcana card, continues the week’s journey in a few directions that entail action and travel. A first glance, the man in the odd chariot looks like a soldier or magician on his way to battle or negotiations. With some research, the Chariot also tells the story of leaving a place or conflict, possibly by force or against other’s wishes. He is leading with a wand, shaded and adorned with moons, stars and symbols and is traveling with loose sphinxes. The recipe pushes the themes of the Divine, Royalty, issues, superstition, conquest, determination and will. A victory or accomplishment, ranging from personal to global, is in sight and we’re equipped, prepared and focused for it.

The Chariot is inspirational and provocative but the final card does damper the mood. The Nine of Swords brings in obsession over doubts, regret and guilt produced from either past and underlying matters or recent and future actions and decisions.

My Final Say:

Whatever the Chariot is after can enact a sorrowful outcome because even he will be haunted and need tremendous healing and forgiveness. We need to take the time to rest and think about what’s next in our journeys for solace and peace. A bitter and pricey ending is highly possible and we may have to answer a frightening question: How do you sleep at night?

Enjoy and be inspired!