Tarot Cards : Week of September 27, 2017


Every time I pull cards I always feel a bit of shock over how the images actually resonate with what’s going on personally and around the planet we all share. I decided to hold off on writing for a while to let time heal the raucous social climate and the devastating effects caused by the fleet of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Yet the cards do not console and they get right back to what’s relevant and important. The three cards I pulled today absolutely provoke what’s going on in the present but I do see a glimmer of hope, though debatable from tarots neutrality yet wish for it to be and continue accordingly into next week.

The start of my pull is questionable with the Four of Pentacles which shows Royalty or a leader balancing, grasping and securely standing on his power and resources away from his kingdom and people. The hold goes beyond what we can see. He is gathering and caging the energy and significance of his control and material in his mind, heart and foundation out of the natural flow of his world. It this good or bad, for good or bad, that is left to be seen in what follows. I see this card in all of us.

The image of the Six of Swords seems to be one taken right from the media coverage of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. My heart and thoughts will never leave Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands, Houston and Florida, along with Mexico enduring multiple earthquakes, on top of the many natural travesties in the record books. The water has calmed and the family in the card has successfully escaped to seek help and a new home. The cause of this situation can also be due to expulsion. No matter the case this journey is led by our problems, challenges and clear thinking and communication.

The King of Swords is an interesting end to this pull. It encompasses attributes of the cards before it and evokes a possible rewarding full circle. Of course a King in tarot represents an authoritative or fathering figure. Since he rules with swords and air which epitomizes such topics like strength, command, issues, intellect and disclosure, he is the person that is needed for the times. He takes on institutions like government, politics, law enforcement, science, medical research, surgery and media. The most critical aspects of this great King is his pursuit and experience of honesty, rules and defining what’s right and wrong with utter seriousness.

My Final Say:

Many of us are running from a wild situation towards an ideal scenario. It can be anything from real crisis like destructive weather, unnecessary moments like an oppressive movement or ourselves which is the most dangerous. In the name of Royal honor and duty and what’s right and wrong, we all need to open up and carry on with complete generosity and respect for each other to ease a natural order that can subside the urge to shun and evade. If this can be done there won’t be anything to fear and we’ll be able to endure the eye of whatever.

Enjoy and inspire each other.