Marina & the Diamonds : Farewell to Electra Heart


An era has ended for Marina and the Diamonds. The last two years have been crazy and fun following her alter ego, the great Electra Heart. Marina’s sophomore album tells the many tales of heartbreak, identity crisis and toying with men. There’s plenty of angst behind the vintage blonde bombshell facade with a sweetheart shaped mole on her cheek. The music unleashes more pop, dance and rock, yet Marina’s courageous lyricism still pushes through.

On Marina’s YouTube channel, she’s been posting the life of Electra Heart, birth and death, through music videos and quick haunting clips.

Electra Heart and these 11 videos should be a standard for pop musicians. I want a transformation, a character, a story with exaggeration, a strong concept, kept on the stage. Most pop singers of today just make an album full of random songs accompanied with an assortment of trendy visuals. I do end up liking most of the songs, yet, can’t deny they sound similar to previous music. There’s no change in their intent or imagination.

Electra Heart is art, a book, a movie.

Electra Heart directed/written/created/sculpted/etc. by Marina and the Diamonds.

I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next. After this album, I’m up for anything and hoping for something totally different. This was a stand-out album for me of 2012 and still listen to many of the songs.

Lastly, I was so fortunate to see Marina perform live at a venue in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Culture Room. It was sold out! Icona Pop opened the show, which was incredible! I love Icona Pop! They are full of energy, non-stop back and forth singing, rocking out and working the boards. Of course, everyone there came for Marina and her masterpiece. She owned the stage and no one was sitting down. I did take a few photos, though, clearly, I am no Ryan Russell.

P1000390 (2)   P1000392 (2)
P1000395 (2)
P1000396 (2)
P1000413 (2)
P1000414 (2)
P1000418 (2)   P1000420 (2)
P1000425 (2)
P1000428 (2)
P1000430 (2)
P1000435 (2)
P1000458 (2)
P1000460 (2)
P1000461 (2)
P1000471 (2)
P1000485 (2)
P1000496 (2)
P1000497 (2)   P1000505 (2)
P1000506 (2)
P1000507 (2)
P1000510 (2)
P1000514 (2)   P1000521 (2)
P1000522 (2)
P1000524 (2)
P1000527 (2)
P1000528 (2)
P1000535 (2)   P1000536 (2)
P1000537 (2)   P1000547 (2)
P1000550 (2)
P1000555 (2)   P1000556 (2)
P1000565 (2)
P1000573 (2)   P1000579 (2)
P1000581 (2)
P1000590 (2)
P1000591 (2)
P1000593 (2)
P1000594 (2)
P1000595 (2)   P1000600 (2)
P1000603 (2)
P1000605 (2)
P1000606 (2)
P1000608 (2)
P1000610 (2)
P1000612 (2)   P1000613 (2)
P1000628 (2)
P1000631 (2)
P1000632 (2)
P1000637 (2)   P1000642 (2)
P1000643 (2)

P1000972 (2)

Enjoy and be inspired!

Marina and the Diamonds Official