Short Story : Report : Remainder of Earth


The species was capable of extraordinary achievement.

They expressed their understanding of self effectively and willingly.

Yet, these two facts enticed the worst of their character.

The last of Earth’s reality is now entombed behind safety glass.

The horrors needed to be contained, locked away and studied for future avoidance.

I can’t bare observation anymore.

The carnal nature of the human race has changed us all.

Hopefully, they have not inspired any of the permitted spectators.

Their brains processed the meaning of life so diversely, the grounds of what’s right and decent debated constantly, sparked by petty negativity.

It was the seed for what they called “civilization”, a concept riddled in confusion and contradiction, not fully realized since it’s based off their mistrust for one another, creating unprecedented grudge and judgment, both easily harbored for all their worth in a crafted indulgence of power and entitlement, the innocent used for thrill, no matter the conclusion.

The human adults exploit their own morals, fears and homeland, all in the name of “justice”.

What is highly regarded becomes forgettable when in a different situation or time.

The hypocrisy of this world is thick in the oxygen, spewing from the mouths of the epidemic it suffers.

What can be done?

Their sanity is tainted.

Humans lack honesty and common courtesy, two things science or faith can’t initiate.

Requirements of dire sacrifices were placed on happiness and love, both transformed into rewards for a sturdy pursuit of stability in an environment that will leave anyone behind, the actual fuel behind the operation, causing extreme measures to be taken that have left traumatic damages.

Their history never changed the rampant behavior, proof that their understanding of happiness and love was corrupted by a poisonous theory of what could be.

Constructed scenarios of a happy life were advertised, version 2.8 available, 2.85 coming soon, all at a tremendous cost allowed by the enactment of “currency”, a means to establish class and the right to fight for it.

The sad result became an industry that needed to compete in the marketplace, begging for a few coins a day.

The severity of desperation could never penetrate the minds of the majority.

It was actually ignored and the responsibility to care was forcedĀ on the small faction willing to change.

Even the slow murder of their planet, the home they were meant to share, could not awaken them from their suicidal conceit.

Termination might have not been in the master plan, but the opportunity of elusion lasted as long as it could.

I’m hoping the Board will end this analysis soon.

The suffering must end.